Lamina Granite Technology

Titanium Lamina Granite is an innovation to meet the high and even-changing needs of perfect tiles with improved architectural quality. 
Due to their hygiene, ease of cleaning, resistance to fire, hear, wear and scratching and their long term color stability, they are highly suitable for interior design application including as covering for floor, wall, tables and countertops and others. 

Resistance to weathering, exposure to sunlight, frost, UV radiation and the high level of stress, these extra large size slabs with thickness 8 mm are already widely used as exterior facade cladding. 

Maximum freedom of expression in architectural and interior design, which enhances the elegance of stone in the large dimensions, with reduced thickness securing massive reduction in structural load requirement, easy handling and speedy application. 

With a versatile big slab collection, Titanium transcends architectural tradition, offering creative solutions and new ways to decorate with style. It is the ideal choice in a host of application, from vertical walls to furnishings. 

Titanium Lamina Granite is available in four collections : Natural Marble, Cement, Monochrome and Wallpaper. A collection which designed to customize spaces and structures with class and elegance. 

Titanium Lamina Granite is the future of the ceramics tile.

Lamina Granite slabs are produced adopting sustainable technology which respects the entire eco-system and designed to reduce processing waste to a minimum and to limit the use of the resources. The use of hybrid kiln that combine gas and electricity significantly reduces CO2 emission in the atmosphere 

The natural hygiene of Lamina Granite is also a key factor as well as the fact that surfaces are fully compatible with foodstuffs (they do not release substances in solu­tion) and are resistant to deep abrasion and stain resistance 

The material’s strength and resistance is even more evident when used in outdoor applications. . Moreover it is im­mune to size changes even in the event of long-term contact with moisture.

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